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Friends, as you all know that you are seen working together in every serial on the small screen with lead actors and supporting actors… and often remain in the headlines…, and that is why they are paid according to their character and acting.

But friends, there are many such stars working in the serial who were satisfied with their payment, but when their costar’s fees increased more than them, those stars were furious…, yes, the star who got his costar’s fee more than himself But those stars had flared up.

That’s why in today’s video we will introduce you to the same six stars who got furious when their co-star’s salary increased.

So let’s start the video of what is late and know.

No. 1 – Ruhi Chaturvedi

The first number in this list is the name of actress Roohi Chaturvedi who is currently seen playing the role of Sherlyn Luthra in Zee TV’s popular serial Kundali Bhagya… And her screen presence is not that much.., on the other hand, Shraddha Arya is quite popular and is ruling everyone’s heart for her Preeta Arora character…, due to which the makers called “Shraddha Arya’s salary was increased but this thing was not liked by “Ruhi Chaturvedi” and that is why she also created a lot of ruckus when her salary increased.

No. 2 – Leena Jumani

The second name in this list comes from actress Leena Jumani, who has been seen playing the role of Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya serial for many years, but due to her negative role, the audience did not like her much. .., while she worked hard for this character, on the other hand actress “Sriti Jha” is playing the main character of Pragya in this serial…, which has become quite popular among the audience in a short span of time and now Till is ruling the hearts of the audience…, due to which their salary has increased but the salary of “Leena Jumani” has not increased… happened.

No. 3 – Dheeraj Dhoopar

The name comes at number three in this list of famous TV actor “Dheeraj Dhoopar”.., who is currently seen playing the lead role of Karan Luthra in the serial “Kundali Bhagya”. Because of this the TRP of this serial is increasing day by day…, but still their fees are very less according to their excellent acting, expression and dialogue delivery…, while on the other hand their co-star Shraddha Arya’s. The fees are more than these, due to which they were furious at the show makers, they created a lot of ruckus on the set.

No. 4 – Sehban Azeem”

The name comes at number four in this list of TV industry’s most popular actor “Sehban Azeem”…, who was seen playing the lead role of Malhar Rana in the serial “Tujhse Hai Raabta”. And because of the expression, the audience liked him very much and this serial is also considered as one of the most popular serials of this year… Reem Sheikh who is less popular than him… was getting more fees due to which the show was very angry with the makers and they also created a ruckus due to this.

No.5 – Mohsin Khan

The name of the Khan” comes at number five in this list. ., because Shivangi Joshi is the main actress of the show, so seeing the audience’s love for her, the show makers increased her salary… Had a lot of fight with…, but even stopped talking to Shivangi.

Number 6 – Rashmi Desai

The last number in this list is the name of the actress “Rashmi Desai” who was seen playing the character of Shalaka in the audience’s favorite show “Naagin 4” from Colors’ TV shows …, and to play this character. She had shown a lot of efforts but as everyone knows Rashmi Desai was seen in a negative character in the show. , but this thing “Rashmi Desai” did not like and that is why she also created a lot of ruckus over the increase in salary. .

So friends, what do you think is it justified to increase their star’s salary in the comparison of these stars or not…, you must tell us your opinion by commenting in the comment box as well as related to the TV industry… Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more exciting news.

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