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#These_ famous_ actresses_ of_ the_ TV_ industry_ have_ to_ listen_ to_ the_ taunts_ of_ the_ audience_ in_ the_ matter_ of_ clothes

Tital…. top 10 Rubina Dilaik TV actress has to listen to the taunts of the audience for clothes.

In the TV industry, there are many such actresses who are engrossed in the beautiful look of their serials, whose outfits are so beautiful and attractive that… I look amazing.., who have millions of fans in their homes.

But friends, do you know that there are some actresses in the TV industry, who have to listen to a lot of taunts for their clothes from the mouth of the audience, where the audience says a lot about the clothes of these actresses. go.

So that is why in today’s video we are going to introduce you to 10 beautiful actresses of the TV industry, who have heard a lot of taunts from the audience about their clothes in serials as well as in real life. Is.

So let’s meet all these actresses.

No. 1 Nikki Tamboli

Actress “Nikki Tamboli” is hardly liked by the cultured audience of India because of her clothes, because she is very bold and fashionable in real life who loves to highlight her figure.., And she loves to pose in front of the camera in her stylish and open dresses, but the viewers who watch her always troll her after seeing her bold avatar, but she does not mind.

No. 2 Drishti Dhami

Whenever the actress “Drishti Dhami” was seen in TV serials by her fans, she always appeared in more than one .., zarigote suit, salwar and sari, in which she looked beautiful.., but the audience She has not been able to see her in stylish and fashionable clothes in any serial till date, due to which she has trolled Drishti a lot that she always appears in her sister-in-law’s look. Dresses should also be tried with a fashionable look.

No-3 Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Actress “Devoleena Bhattacharjee” has also heard good and bad from her die hurt fans for her clothes many times, because she carries such a bold dress and uploads hot pictures on her Instagram while getting her photoshoot done,… .. that the people who love it start hating them, although many times they have become a victim of people’s taunts with their bold pictures.

No. 4 Kanchi Singh

Yes, “Kanchi Singh” of the TV industry had also received a lot of good and bad hearing from the audience for her clothes, but now she is not working in any serial, due to which she is now getting her stylish looks from the audience. You don’t have to listen to taunts about dresses.

No. 5 Tanya Sharma

TV industry’s “Reema Narayan” i.e. “Tanya Sharma” is seen by the audience in the serial “Sasural Simar Ka 2” by wearing a sari to become a cultured gimmick, …. which the audience does not like much because everyone Know how bold it is and also quite fashionable who often have to listen to the taunts of the audience for their bold dressing sense.

No.6 Sriti Jha

Actress “Sriti Jha” has always worn a traditional saree, simple saree in her serial “Kumkum Bhagya”, in which her look looks quite boring, the same audience taunts her for her local dress. .., because he wants “Sriti Jha” to show her bold and hot avatar in the serial only.., so that the audience can see “Sriti Jha” in a stylish and modern look.

Number 7 Shraddha Arya

The actress “Shraddha Arya”, who won everyone’s heart with her colorful suit salwar, is also seen somewhere in the bikini dress to the audience. The attire is so much liked that.., in western dress, the audience does not like them at all, due to which they have to face their taunts many times.

Number 8 Erica Fernandes

Actress “Erica Fernandez” has played the role of a simple girl by becoming “Prerna”… Yes, she is not used to seeing Erica’s killer style, due to which she has also been trolled on social media sometimes.

No. 9 Hina Khan

When the actress “Hina Khan” appeared in the serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” as “Akshara”.., then the audience could not live without being enamored of her cultured and desi look, but when she appeared in Big Boss. When people came to know about her real look in her real glamorous avatar in K. And keeps burning the hearts of her fans with bold photoshoots.

No. 10 Rubina Dilaik

Friends, when the actress “Rubina Dilaik” used to wear only suit salwar and sari in her serial “Choti Bahu”, the audience could not live without praising her, but ever since she started disintegrating her beauty in western outfits. Since then, he has to face the displeasure of the audience but Rubina doesn’t care about it.

So friends, out of all these actresses, whose outfit do you like the best…? You tell us your answer by commenting in the comment box…

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